Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Public Speaking : Add Magic to Your Presentations

Are you famous? Houdini is. The difference is he possessed the ability to do something out of the ordinary. While public speaking may be thrilling and exciting, you’re not levitating or cutting a woman in half. But you’ll be one step closer to stardom when you incorporate a slight-of-the-hand or card trick or whatever!

What’s the best part about this? You are a professional in public speaking not magic. This means less pressure for you and bigger rewards. If Houdini pulled card tricks all day, his audience would get bored. But your audience doesn’t expect such a thing out of the ordinary. You’ll have more leeway and receive more appreciation

Impress your other public speaking friends by getting your certified magician diploma at your local bookstore or Tom Ogden videos from Royal Publishing and Walters Speakers Services (626) 335-8069. To me, videos are the best way to go, as I’m able to watch the trick and see what mistakes I’m making.

Not only will you go on to being famous, but you’ll also win over your public speaking audience by adding this fun and interesting section to your event. And hey, if public speaking turns out not to be your thing, you have a trade to fall back on!

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