Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tom Antion's online Birthday Charity Bash to Benefit Animal Rescue

Tom Antion's Birthday Charity Bash TeleClass

Tonight, July 26th, 9:00 PM
Can't make it? Everyone signing up gets the recording.

Before I tell you about the topic, let me tell you where all the
money is going:

It's going to Tidewater Bichon Rescue run by Jack and Robin Gray.
I was so humbled when I met these people that it brings tears to
my eyes just thinking of them.

Their entire house is consumed with caring for abandoned and
abused dogs. My baby Maggie came from their loving care and she
has meant the world to Kay and I.

Please read my salute to them at:

Read Maggie's Story:

Now back to the teleclass:

This will NOT be my standard technique oriented call.

I'm going to cover success principles that have allowed me to
avoid having a job for the past 30 years . . . in fact other than
high school and college summer jobs I have never had to answer to
a BOSS. . . . I'll be telling you what it takes to truly be able
to say . . . TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT! :)

If you already have your own business these ideas will help take
it to the next level.

I'll also be recapping the leadership principles my Dad taught me
that have received accolades from around the world. You and your
children (if you have them) should benefit from these ideas.

Here's the deal:

$20.00 Gets you the call and the recording

$100.00 Gets you the call, the recording and an hour phone
consultation with me (I'm presently $1000.00 and hour with a
three hour minimum so this is a screaming great deal) We can talk
about Internet stuff, Professional Speaking or anything you think
I can help you with.

$500.00 Gets you the call and recording plus a full day with me
at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat center in a small group
setting (maximum of six) where you will watch and participate in
my Internet marketing work and we'll discuss your stuff too.
Lunch and dinner is on me.

$1000 Gets you the same as above, but your time at the retreat
center is one-on-one with me or you could buy a scholarship
for someone else.

Want to give more? Make me an offer I can't refuse :)

Every single penny goes to this worthy cause and a full
accounting will be available to any participant after the event.

For complete details and to see pics of Maggie and her Daddy and
Mommy and to register


Tom Antion

P.S. I rarely ask for help from all my great customers and
subscribers, but this time I am. If you participate in just one
thing with me this year, please let it be this.

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