Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Public Speaking: Top 10 Ways to Make Money

Sell your Knowledge
Today’s market makes it easy to get your name and messages out there instead of just public speaking. With E-Books, CDs, DVDs, etc., etc., more people can access your information in a shorter timeframe. Not everyone will be able to make it to San Jose to hear you talk but most can pop in a CD!

Get Sponsorship
Now you won’t get your face on a cereal box, but you may be able to find someone to sponsor your public speaking events. Examine your audience beforehand and try to determine what organization would want to gain exposure.

Get Paid Directly
When exercising this option of payment for your public speaking, make sure to get a percentage of the balance upfront. I like 50 percent. It’s a nice, round number.

Speakers Bureaus
These organizations make a 15 to 30 percent profit off the public speaking events they give you. A lot of times, however, they are wary to recommend you to already established clients if you don’t possess the right credentials. If you bomb, they bomb with their client. Bad for business. These services work best when you’re making more money and have a proven history of performance.

Public Seminars
This is a great way to gain exposure to the general public. How it works is you promote the public speaking event and people buy tickets. Easy enough, right?
Well, there is a little more that goes into it, such as costs of marketing materials and the risk of not generating enough interest to make money. I’ve found that my website and Ezine are great tools to get people together.

Telephone Seminars
Hate travel costs in order to reach a larger audience? Telephone seminars are a great way for public speaking professionals to reach the masses without flying to them. For a small fee you can arrange a telephone bridge line, or for a larger fee a conference line. Both are less than your travel claim statement and easy to attend for everyone involved.

These popular tools are the same as telephone seminars but occur on the internet.

Training Companies
Companies like Career Track and SkillPath Seminars pay public speaking professionals to give their training modules. If you want to try and make more money, some organizations will let you develop the material. While these tend to be lower paying jobs, you can get your name out there.

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