Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Public Speaking : Deep Penetration

Just like a massage, the best public speaking presentations are the ones that get deep below the surface. When you delve to a subsurface level and connect with the audience members, you create a whole new experience. Instead of just giving a public speaking presentation, you are providing an interactive and personalized form of entertainment. Believe me, this will definitely surprise your crowd because most public speaking professionals don’t do this. Your event will be the verbal shiatsu massage they’ve always wanted but never found.

Now, you’re saying, “Alright, Tom, that’s great and all but how can I pull off that kind of public speaking magic?” Say it with me, “Preplanning!” How many times have I told you to start with preplanning? It’s my mantra and it should be yours!

Before the event, I suggest interviewing at least 15 members of your public speaking audience. First, let them know who you are and the reason for your call. Then, and here’s the fun part, ask questions. Tons of questions! What they love/hate about their jobs, what they want to get out of the presentation, their cat’s name, why they chose a specific career path….get creative! You want to try and tailor your questions to add strength to your public speaking event by including members from the audience. Sally Joe from Indiana will love it when you reference something you learned from her in the presentation. She will feel part of the event and most likely be very attentive for the duration!

So, break public speaking boundaries by skipping the top layer and diving right in to the core of your audience. Get deep in there! When you make them the center of attention, the event will take on a whole new atmosphere and do wonders for your reputation as a public speaking professional, if not a masseur!

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