Monday, March 05, 2007

Public Speaking : On Stage Tips

**The larger the crowd, the larger and slower the gestures.
**If you have a small crowd, or if you are videoconferencing, or on television, use smaller gestures.
**Work to eliminate distracting or nervous gestures, but do not kill yourself to add new ones. They will take care of themselves and most of the time they look affected.
**Let your words trigger your actions. If you are counting, hold out your fingers. If you say no, shake your head no.
**Hold your hands open and wide apart to show sincerity and honesty.
**Hold your hands behind your back during question-and-answer sessions (don't overdo it).
**Avoid excessive hands in pockets, clenched fists, pointing, hands on hips, and the infamous fig leaf position where your hands are crossed in front of your groin.

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