Monday, September 19, 2005

Public Speaking Tip: Get Yourself on Video

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been doing video feedback training on people and when I tell them they were jingling coins in their pocket they swear they weren't. I don't mean they simply say they weren't jingling. I mean they swear on their grandmother's grave. They are willing to bet the farm. They tell me that I'm absolutely making it up just to tease them.


I wish I had video of their jaws dropping and their tongues hitting the floor when they see that the video recorded them ... you guessed it . . . jingling coins in their pocket.

One of your best speaking investments is a video camera, tripod and inexpensive wireless microphone. You can see yourself as the audience sees you. Once you become aware of distracting habits you can take the steps to fix them. You can also use the tape to better critique what you said. This is better done when you are off stage and relaxed at your home or office. Video allows you to capture the entire event.

I also add the wireless microphone so that I can put the camera way in the back of the room but still get a good audio track on the video tape. A really good quality, but inexpensive wireless microphone system is the AZDEN WMS Pro which is about $160.00. For the video camera any good high 8, digital 8 or mini dv is plenty good enough and pretty small to carry. Make sure your tripod is sturdy enough so it doesn't tip over easily.

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