Monday, July 04, 2005

Public Speaking: Submitting Articles to Websites -- Software Review

Many of you have been asking me about the Article Announcement software that came out recently from Jason Potash so I got a copy and reviewed it this weekend. Here's what I found:

The first thing you should know is that after reviewing this software I'm immediately going to cancel my subscription to

Submit your article is limited in that they only allow you two articles per month and don't give you much control over anything.

I was not surprised at how good this new product is because even though I know Jason Potash is a pretty good marketer, when I found out John Reese had a hand in it I was certain it would be great. (John Reese is one of my teachers)

Here are the things I noted about the software that make it invaluable....much more so than the service I'm canceling. I plan to have my new article writer start using it immediately.

1. Unlimited submission -- but all the appropriate warnings are included so that you don't send articles on gardening to Internet marketing sites.

2. Extremely advanced feature that rotates three different anchor text links -- This is important so that search engines don't see the exact same links coming to your site.

3. Article Swipe file -- Gives you a comprehensive tutorial and examples of the kinds of articles publishers want along with lots of title suggestions that really get noticed.

4. Mail merge capabilities -- Ezine publishers will get your submission with their own name in it.-- this gets you a higher response.

5. Fully customizable -- You can delete directories and publishers that don't apply to your topic and you can add those that do.

6. Great training tutorials -- both written and via Camtasia video.

7. Site ratings that are customizable -- the author of this system took great pains to tell you which sites he thinks are the best to submit to and lets you customize the ratings based on your evaluations after reviewing the sites.

8. Toolbox that gives you seven different ways to mask affiliate links -- this is important so your articles don't look like they are blatantly pitching a product.

9. Google Page Rank Booster Tool -- This saves enormous amounts of time by making it easy to find the highest rated sites to submit to (I've got another sneaky way to use this tool).....OK I'll tell you about it... When you are looking for affiliates you don't want to waste time on those that have no traffic and no importance on the Internet. This tool will tell me how important Google thinks a site is before I waste my time trying to recruit the site as an affiliate.

All and all. I think this is an awesome software and training program. As I said above, I'm going to start using it immediately.


P. S. I am not taking an affiliate commission on sales coming from this message, but I am tracking how many of you go read about the software

Here's the link to check it out:

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