Monday, June 13, 2005

Public Speaking Tip: Non Hotel Events

When you are speaking at an event that is NOT in a hotel setting, you must pay particular attention to making sure you have everything you need to make a smooth event.

Here's a brief checklist of things that may not be available if you aren't in a hotel:
- Projection Screen
- Flip Chart
- Extension cords
- Power strips
- Ice
- Refreshments, coffee, juice, water, etc.
- Lunch
- Cups
- Napkins
- Pens
- Pencils
- Microphone and sound system
- Adapters
- Signage
- Copies

Add to the above list any items particular to your event that the hotel usually supplies. Pay close attention to every detail because there may be no time to head to Radio Shack or some other outside vendor before your event starts.

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