Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are You Making These 5 Critical E-Commerce Mistakes?

With all the fancy technical capabilities available to small businesspeople when it comes to their websites the same problem still exists that has existed for years. Most owners do not know the keywords used by prospects to find their products and services. Get a no cost tool and learn how to use it at

Difficult Navigation
One of my $50.00 sites won INC Magazine’s Best-of-the-Web Awards and beat out three other million dollar sites. The panel of CEOs that evaluated all the sites said that mine was easy to navigate and they could find what they wanted fast. Here’s a goal that will surprise most website owners: Try to have five or less main navigation buttons and that includes “Home” and “Contact Us”. Yes, I know it will be a tough exercise, but tough for you a little bit in the beginning makes it easy for your visitors forever.

No Database Control
All the big players make most of their money with legitimate broadcast email. Most website owners don’t make a serious effort to turn their visitors in to opt in subscribers and they don’t send enough email to their list . . . if they have a list at all. As long as you are sending good information to people who have asked for it, then you can sleep well at night knowing you are maximizing your income without being a pest.

Ignoring Automation Tools
With new Internet related obligations coming at you ever day (like keeping up with the social networks), it’s important that you use tools that both take care of your prospects and customers and take a load off of you. Most of my business runs through a shopping cart system that includes broadcast email, autoresponders, upselling modules, promotion testing modules and many other features that help you sell more to each customer that visits your site. I use and promote and offer unlimited free training.

No Intellectual Property
No matter what product or service you are selling I think we all agree it’s important to stimulate demand for it. One of the best and most cost effective ways is to create an information product that teaches people about the benefits and uses of the “actual” product you are selling. For instance, I distribute a free e-book about the shopping cart I mentioned above that has brought in over $2,500,000.00 in commissions because it teaches people what they don’t know about shopping cart systems. Business owners need to take advantage of cheap print on demand, audio and video production and e-book production to make people want to buy what they are selling because they see the benefits.

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