Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get In the Moment!

Are you striving to become a "perfect" public speaker?

That is great but I want you to consider changing your approach. Trying to be perfect can cause a ton of stress and most of the time you will still come up short. You should always expect the unexpected. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a public speech that you have little to no control over which is why striving to be "perfect"is hard and stressful. If during your speech one thing does not go as planned you will be flustered and off of your 'A' game.

Darren LaCroix has a new speaking program out "Improve Your Speaking With Improv Training" I've promoted Darren before. He always delivers, has massive speaking credentials and is reasonably priced. Darren believes:

“The audience doesn’t want you perfect.
They want you present!”

His new speaking program is designed to help you, the public speaker connect with the audience and  look like a pro when the unexpected happens. 

If you are serious about speaking I recommend Darrens' program so you can really leave a lasting impression with your audience. 

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