Thursday, August 01, 2013

Speakers Put Your Knowledge in an e-Book

A professional public speaker can broaden their audience and build creditability by publishing a book on Kindle. Publishing a book has always been a good idea but until recently it was a very complicated and expensive process. Kindle has bridged the gap and eBooks have become very popular and effective way to market yourself. A Kindle is an eBook reader made by Amazon that allows users to download, browse, and read books, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of digital media from a portable device.

Making a Kindle version of your e-book or hard cover version is a must in today’s market. Amazon is selling 130 Kindle versions to every 100 hardcovers on their site and that number continues to go up. This is a great opportunity for you to get more sales and more exposure for your books. Kindle versions reach more people in countries where bookstores are rare, giving authors access to emerging markets and a greater reach. Kindle versions are also less expensive not only to print, but to purchase for the customer. This can save on printing costs for the author and Kindle versions are generally 30% less in price than their printed counterparts.

Self publishing on Kindle is popular because you can write, publish, and sell a book with minimal investment. As public speaker you can place clickable links in your eBook to drive traffic to your website. Once a consumer is on your website you can prompt the sale of more products, services, or offer some valuable content that your target audience would benefit from. If you haven't yet looked into self-publishing, now's the time.

Once you have your book in Kindle friendly format you can submit it to, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP is Amazon's platform for letting authors publish their books directly to the Kindle eBook store. I discovered a great Kindle course that will show you step by step how to format your book for KDP so you can capitalize on this great medium to broaden your audience. This Kindle course will give you everything you need to get your book ready to sell and formatted for KDP. Check this link out so you can publish either your non- fiction or fiction book today.

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