Thursday, May 09, 2013

Get More Followers on Twitter With Tweetable Links

As a speaker you may be familiar with the most common options for promoting your Twitter handle on your website or blog posts such as the:

The Share button- which allows readers to post a title of your article and link it to social media. 

Add me button- which allows readers to link to your social site so they can add you to follow.

But today I want to dive into another option, which is creating a tweetable link. This is another useful option for business owners looking to increase traffic to their website or blog by marketing on Twitter.

What is a Tweetable link?

A tweetable link is a link at the bottom or included within your blog post that allows a reader to tweet a pre selected sentence to their followers.  A tweetable link will open a new window for the reader as a twitter status update. The tweet will already be filled in for the reader or the reader can choose to edit it before they share it.

If you are a speaker that is interested in using Twitter to market your products or services you can benefit from learning how to create a tweetable link. This option will make it easier for readers to share your unique content with their followers. You may already be taking advantage of share buttons and add me buttons on your website or blog but you can incorporate a tweetable link into your posts to really boost your Twitter marketing efforts going forward. 

How Do I Create Tweetable Links?

1. Highlight a sentence on your website or in your blog post that you want readers to share via Twitter and Copy it. Make sure it is less than 120 characters.

2. Go to Click to Tweet  and Paste your selected sentence into the content box. Click to Tweet is great because it will make your tweet into short URL. Do not click on Generate Link, yet and please leave this page open.

3. You have to include a link back to your website or blog post. Twitter only allows 140 characters so you will need to shorten the URL. Go to TinyURL in a separate window or tab.

4. Copy the URL for your website or blog post. Paste that long URL in content box and select Make TinyURL!

5. Next, copy the new shortened URL the was generated by TinyURL and Paste it at the end of your selected sentence in the Click to Tweet content box. 

6. You should also add your Twitter name in the tweet like,  via @TomAntion so that people know where to find you on Twitter.

7. Click Generate Link and Copy the newly created short URL.

8. Go back to your website or post and after the sentence that you selected and highlighted in Step 1, type some descriptive text to let the reader know they can share this specific sentence via Twitter by tweeting it to all their followers.  For example,  "your selected sentence here"  or "your selected sentence here" 

7. Highlight the descriptive text and make it hyperlink. The hyperlink should link the newly created short link that Click to Tweet generated For example "your selected sentence here" <Share This on Twitter

8. When you are finish it should look like this:

Make Sharing Your Blog Post on Twitter a breeze for your readers! < Share This on Twitter >

9. You can also make the whole sentence a link:

Make Sharing Your Blog Post on Twitter a breeze for your readers! < Share This on Twitter >

What Should I Make a Tweetable Link?

- Anything that you think your readers will be excited to share with their followers

- Important points from your article

- A sentence that will encourage a reader to click the link back to your website.

- Statistics

- Quick facts

- Quotes

The Goal

You want readers to tweet the link out to their followers so that you can get more website or blog traffic, and more Twitter followers. Make sure the content you select as a tweetable link uses keywords, to take advantage of the Twitter search function. Keep the content short because Twitter only allows 140 characters.

Make it easy  for your readers to share your content with tweetable links.