Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Public Speaking Marketing - Webinar Rebroadcasts

Having a repeat performance of a popular webinar is all the rage. I've made nearly $100,000 just rebroadcasting a recorded webinar over and over to my email list, mixing up the days and times to make it easy for anyone to attend.

I'm not talking about a 'replay.' That's just a recording sent out the next day to people who missed the live event. A rebroadcast is a bit different. I show the recording in a 'live feel' event where I answer questions in the chat box in real time. While it may be a recording that I'm showing, it starts and ends just like a live event, with a live Q & A during the webinar. Many people have no idea that they are watching a recording. I promote it as if it's a webinar that's happening right then and there. In that respect, the sales are much higher than on simply a replay alone.

If you make a good amount of sales from an informative webinar, that's now just the tip of the iceberg. Rebroadcasting can make sales over and over from the same recording - now that's how I like to make money. Here are some advantages of rebroadcasting over that of just a replay:

  • New attendees join the webinar as if it's a live event.
  • You can have a live Q & A with your attendees.
  • If someone joins late, the broadcast starts at the beginning so they don't miss anything.
This is perfect for speakers and trainers who want to keep selling products and getting more clients while sitting at home and chatting in the question box. The software I use to accomplish this is StealthSeminar.