Friday, March 15, 2013

Public Speaking Business: Landing Page Tactics

How are your social media efforts going? You spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin because marketing gurus say you should. But how do you know if your time is paying off? Are people really clicking on the links?

There are two ways to tell if people from your social media circles are really reading and clicking on the links in your posts: you can use an analytics program such as Google analytics or measure real conversions witha dedicated landing page tactic.

A landing page is a sales letter, squeeze page or opt-in page where people can buy something or sign up for a newsletter, among other things. Most of us are pretty familar with landing pages because we see them all of the time on the web when we're surfing around. A dedicated landing page is one that only directs from one place - in other words, the link to the page comes from only one source. You can't get to it from a search engine result or from your website navigation.

A Twitter dedicated landing page can only be seen by clicking on a link inside of a tweet. The page can be customized just for your twitter followers: "Hello Twitter friends! This promotion is only for my Twitter followers!" Only your followers from Twitter can see the page. Now you can measure the results of your tweets if people start buying products or signing up for newsletters from that one dedicated landing page.

You can have a dedicated landing page for each of your social networks to measure which ones are working and which ones are not. The time we put in to social networking is to valuable not to know.

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