Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perfect For Public Speakers: Reach Past Social Media -- Connect with TV & Radio Interview Programs. Reach past all those people you already know in social media.

Deadline is Friday, the 22nd for the 2013 Talk Show Guest Directory.
This Directory Will:

=> Help the news media know your expertise.
=> Show them that you are ready for and welcome interviews
=> Show them how to reach you.

Be in the ExpertBook’s printed Talk Show Guest Directory which will be mailed to 100 top interview & Radio Talk Shows.


Distributed at the New York Conference in June. You'll get:

=> A Press Room page at
=> To use WITHOUT per-release charges.
=> Syndicated to Google News & Lexis
=> Video & Audio clips included on . . . This is important because interview shows need to see how good you sound.

The news media has endorsed and their printed Expert Books.

The New York Times said: It's "Dial-an-Expert"

CNN said: "It's "an invaluable tool"

PR WEEK said: "It's a "Dating Service of PR"

I've known Mitch Davis for twenty years, and he’s a genius with press releases and search engine optimization. Best part is he’s accessible just like me. His direct number is: (202) 333-4904.

Deadline is Friday, the 22nd to take action:

You can save $100 on membership at the Tom Antion

Discount link:

Not sure? Do this:

Just call them at (202) 333-5000  Ask for the Tom Antion discount.