Monday, February 25, 2013

Public Speaking Business: Radio Interviews

Most public speakers have started writing books to help suppliment their speaking income or using the book as a calling card to get more speaking engagements. A book is a solid way to get more publicity - but how do get the word out so people know about it?

A radio interview is a powerful way for people to hear the message about your book and services. Yes, people still listen to the radio especially during 'drive times' in the morning and afternoon. It's during these times that a radio station books its most popular and controversial subjects. If you generally speak about something that gets people talking, stirs debate, is timely or newsworthy and makes people think, then big radio stations are looking for you.

Contacting a radio station takes care. You don't want to just call them up out of the blue and ruin your chance at a shot at the big time. There's a certain way of doing things and certain people you have to call first. Want to know how my friend Alex Carroll made a fortune doing interviews for big radio shows? He's a public speaker that teaches other speakers and small business people how to do what he did. Alex figured out the system that most radio stations won't tell you about and you can get this critical information here:

How To Make Up To $2000 a Minute on the Radio