Friday, February 01, 2013

Public Speaking Business Marketing: Creating Quality Content

Content marketing is a powerful way to draw traffic from the web and funnel it to your website, helping build potential clients. Having as much content as possible, rich with search engine friendly keywords, can help 'bait' searchers into coming to your website for more information. If you don't yet have a lot of good content, where can you find it?

The content I'm discussing today will be text-based. Articles, blog posts and social media content to be specific. You can use written content to publish on article sites or have published on other major websites with a link to yours. Some speakers get desperate for content and look for outsourcing solutions. They may get articles written for as low as $5 each. I would avoid this if you can. The quality of the writing can vary too much: some outsourcing countries just don't have the proper grasp of the English language and it shows. Also, you may be surprised that they don't understand keywords that well either.

Good quality articles should be written by you. You are, after all, the expert. No one says it quite as well as you do. Use material you have already written such as books, ebooks, dissertations and papers and dissect them into small 350 word chunks. Then publish them everywhere you can.

Take any recorded teleclasses, webinars, speeches and presentations and have them transcribed into articles. If you haven't been recording them, start right now. All of these sources will work best because it is still your own words and not someone else's.

Need more content creation sources?