Friday, January 18, 2013

Public Speaking Marketing - Website Links in Youtube Videos

I've talked about how effective making many Youtube videos can be for your speaking business. Showing you speaking on stage, visits with meeting planners, webinar recordings and simple training lessons are just some of the videos that can come up high in Google and Youtube searches, and drive traffic to your website.

But you're wasting time if you're not doing it right. I've seen hundreds of great videos that leave out one critical thing: a clickable link to your website in the video description. On Youtube, there's no place in the video itself to leave a link to your website (you can put the URL in the video), so the description is the only place where viewers can use their mouse to click directly to the website from the video area.

Use the power of online video to drive traffic to your websites. Just don't forget to 'optimize' your titles, tags and especially your descriptions to get the most out of the power.

This is how the top public speakers make more money...