Monday, January 07, 2013

How Public Speakers Can Use Autoresponders


Never heard of them? It's ok, many outside of the Internet marketing industry know what they are. If you have ever signed up for a newsletter or free gift on a website, you may have noticed a number of emails that get sent to you, often every week or maybe every couple of days. These emails aren't sent manually, they are automatic email responses triggered by your opting in to the sign-up form.

An opt-in can trigger a series of calculated emails designed to deliver important marketing messages to the prospect. These messages can educate, offer special deals, provide instructions and much more. How can an autoresponder help with your public speaking business?

Your speeches provide valuable content. This content can be used to educate others who can't make it to your presentations. From your website, you can send out autoresponder messages with Youtube videos, ebooks, e-courses, developmental training and anything else that you would typically offer at one of your presentations. As prospects get to know you better, you can start to offer products and services that increase your bottom line and make money beyond your presentations. This in itself can lead to more paid gigs. How many public speakers are doing that?

It's a tough business out there. Make sure you're doing everything you can to rise above the competition. Get an autoresponder system for yourself and see the power of connecting with a global audience... on automatic.