Friday, December 07, 2012

Public Speaking is the One Thing They Don't Teach You in School

Many young people get excited about the idea of going off to college. They're getting away to study a host of disciplines to become successful: finances, business, advertising, english, literature and more. But there's one thing that can make a world of difference in your chances of promotion and advancement in a company:

Public Speaking skills.

We're not just talking about giving business talks in the boardroom, but even more communication driven skills such as major presentations for potential clients or pep talks that move the troops to action. If you've ever noticed what kind of individual gets promoted the fastest in most companies, it's the one with the most verbal influence on employees and higher-ups (sometimes called the 'one with the big mouth'.)

Motivation and influential communication skills are very important to the success of your career. But it's the one thing that they don't teach you in school. Only a few people worldwide have the confidence and experience to teach public speaking skill, marrying the two elements of motivation and selling at the same time. Discover the experts and their secrets that can make or break your career at

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