Monday, December 24, 2012

Over 450 Public Speaking Training Videos For You...

That's right. 450.

Up close and personal training videos about stage movement, selling from the stage, keeping the audience's attention, using props, audience involvement, using visuals and more.

This is everything that you would ever need to learn the proper care and nurturing of a public speaking business, all in one place. Where did these videos come from?

I've given nearly 2800 paid speaking presentations and I was smart enough to video record a majority of them. I've edited down many of the best parts of the speeches into 2 -3 minute chunks where I am performing something specific on stage to get a result. I have all of these video tips placed into easy to follow categories in my membership site

For one low price, I've assembled the largest database of public speaking training anywhere on earth. You get access to every important category you need 24/7 for a year. In addition to the videos, there are guest articles and audio recording from some of the biggest names in the speaking industry.

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