Friday, November 16, 2012

Public Speaking Websites: List Building Sign-ups

I saw a website today from a great public speaker. On the 'home' page, it prompted me to "Sign Up For Free Gifts and Consultations." Awesome. But I didn't feel like signing up just quite yet, so I clicked the 'no thanks, take me to the site' link.

Nice site, professionally done. However, I realized after a few moments of looking around that there was no other place anywhere on the site to sign up for the great freebies that he offered at the beginning.

Big mistake. Most website visitors don't sign up for anything immediately. It takes time for them to get to know you, watch a video or two, or see if your content is even anything that they need or want. Often, signing up for a freebie or newsletter is the last thing they do before they leave the site. If you don't have prominent opt-in forms on every page you'll lose the ability to capture a visitor's email. And they'll probably never be back.

Building a list is more important than you may realize. It's the opportunity to market to and sell to a prospect over and over, year after year. Website visitors rarely buy anything the first time they land on your site. If you don't capture their email address right then, you never will. Take a look at your website right now - are there prominent opt-in forms on every page? Are they easy to read and comprehend? Are they giving away something of value?