Monday, November 19, 2012

Public Speaking Marketing: List Building with Bonuses

Building an email database / list can be a slow process if traffic has not yet picked up your website due to it being a new site or if you have a highly competitive keyword phrase. You can make a lot of money with an email list, so building it quickly is a priority.

One way to build a list on automatic is to offer a bonus ebook or product that other business people give away when their services are purchased. Let's say that Mr. Coach has products for sale on his website or through his webinars. Mr. Coach may have been in business for years, making far more sales than yourself. You offer Mr. Coach your ebook as a free bonus that he can give away when he sells something. Each of his customers have to opt-in to your database to download the ebook, and you get the keep the email address as a part of your email marketing. With this process, you are building a list from someone else's efforts and sales even if you are not yet getting customers or your own.

Mr. Coach would love to have an extra bonus from an expert like yourself that isn't a product of their own that they have to give away. It benefits their customer, gives them extra bonuses to give away and builds your list with highly qualified prospects all at the same time. The ebook itself should contain links to your other products and services so you can make even more money and also build brand awareness for your business to a entirely new set of customers.

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