Monday, November 12, 2012

Public Speaking Business: Curiosity Building Tweets

Public speakers can use Twitter effectively to send their target market to their websites. That website may have interesting news, beneficial training or complimentary products to help build a following for your speaking or seminar business. But it won't work if your tweets are so boring that no one is clicking on them.

The whole idea behind sending tweets is to get readers to click on the link. Whether your educating people or just providing an important resource for your followers, the conversion is the click. It's the measure of how effective your tweets are and whether people are responding to what your have to say.

To help get more readers clicking, your tweets should build curiosity. Don't tell them too soon what the link is for: "Read my new blog post about leadership skills", try and entice them to learn more after the click: "The 7 qualities great leaders have and how you can find them in yourself."

You can even make your tweets even more suspenseful:

"I wish I had know this before getting into business... *link*"
"You'll never believe what I just figured out about online videos. *link*
"Are you kidding me? It doesn't get any easier than this... *link*"

The answers and benefits to these statements are in the click. Your followers get the information they need and you are rewarded with a visitor to your website. You look like the expert in your field and you become a trusted resource to the people who follow you.

It's hard to sell from a tweet (and it's actually bad etiquette), but once they're on your website, it's a different story. Getting as many unique visits to your website as you can is the goal, and Twitter can be a great tool in driving qualified traffic to your site.

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