Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Better Public Speaking Website: Should I Have My Own Domain Name?

A very commonly asked question is "Should I have my own domain name?" A domain name, by the way, is like "" You don't want to get something like "" even though it's free.

All your promotional efforts will be wasted if the free website company makes some small change. People won't be able to find your site anymore.

If you have your own domain name, you can move and be hosted anywhere around the world and people will still be able to find you through all your promotional efforts.

In addition, having your own domain name gives you greater credibility. Plus domains and hosting are so cheap now there is no excuse in not having your own. (check out some cheap hosting places at ) Get domains at

Tip: If you think of a good name, get it now because they're going fast. One man recently sold his for $90,000.00. He had "" Many have gone for millions of dollars. sold for 5.1 million dollars in 2009. went for 7 million in 2004 and went for 7.5 million way back in 1999. The domain name can be a valuable entity for you in the future if you get a good one.

For now, check out domain names using the free tool available at You can purchase domain names there too. Want to find out who owns a site so you can make an offer to buy it?

Top Level Domains

A top level domain is for instance .com, .org, .net, etc.

Most of the time you want to get a .com but many times it's already taken. We suggest modifying the main part of your domain name so that you can get the .com and don't forget . . . . don't get dashes in your domain name.

Example: You can't get so you get In this case we still have the keyword "GiftBasket" in the domain name, but we added short words on the beginning and end of it so we could get the domain with no dashes and still get the .com version.

Below is a list of Top Level Domains Available