Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Public Speaker Marketing - Unique Visits and Page Views

If you hear somebody bragging about the amount of “hits” on their site, look a little further.

The terms “individual” or “unique” visitors are defined as individuals that have come to your website. “Page views” is defined as the number of pages they actually visited. Although these numbers will be close to the actual number of people that visit and the number of pages they look at, it's not an exact science.

Just keep in mind that “page views” and “unique visitors” are much more meaningful than “hits.”

The number of hits (files downloaded) can determine how much it costs to host your website. Be very careful about where you host your site. Ask them about their costs for going over your allotted amount of web hosting usage.

Let’s look at “unique visitors” and “page views” more closely.

One person visiting your site would be a “unique visitor.” That means that a person has come to your website.

If they came back a day later, (or some other time period that your statistic package is set for) that would be two unique visitors, although it’s the same person. If they came back in only a couple hours they probably wouldn't be counted again. It’s not really an exact science. Don't look for anything to be exact here. Just watch for upward and downward trends and big spikes in traffic from promotions you do or from mentions on other big websites or when you make your big appearance on Oprah :)

The other term “page views,” is when somebody actually downloaded a whole page, including the graphics. The web automatically downloads the page to their computers when they visit a site (you do the same when you visit a site). It does not mean they looked at it, but it means they “downloaded it.”

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