Friday, July 13, 2012

Public Speaking Marketing - Blog and Ping

Submitting Sites to Search Engines

Don’t do it!

You get brownie points if a search engine finds your page rather than you submitting it. Here’s a couple ways to make that happen.

Blog and Ping

This concept was really hot when it first came out and people were charging hundreds of dollars to tell you how to do it. The basic idea is that you mention a new website or webpage of yours in a blog posting and then put the blog posting in a place where Yahoo and Google can trip over it. When Yahoo saw the link to your new website in the blog posting it noticed that the new site was NOT in its database so it put it in.

This usually occurred within 48 hours. …Pretty slick because it used to cost hundreds of dollars to get into Yahoo quickly. Now you’ll learn how to do this, but don’t count on it happening in 48 hours anymore. Recent testing shows it takes between thirty and sixty days, but it’s free so who cares? Before you learn how to do this you must understand a few concepts.

Remember- the whole idea here is to get a new website or web page in the major search engines quickly.

The Blog part of Blog and Ping

Blogs or weblogs that have become the rage of late. Simple blogs are really easy to set up too. You will need to set one up to make the blog and ping method work. If you want to try this out quickly and easily without installing a complete Wordpress blog you can set up a simple Blogger blog.

Slick new marketing techniques just for public speakers....