Monday, July 09, 2012

Public Speaker Marketing - Writing Articles for Ezines

Write Articles for Other E-zines

A great way to get subscribers is for you to write articles for other E-zines. That way other people are spreading the word for you. Sometimes they'll write an article for your E-zine, or you'll swap ads so that you can get subscribers from other people’s E-zines. All this can be studied in depth if you read the complete site and follow all the links you find there.

At you can put your article there for other publishers to put it in their E-zines. You get a bio blurb and link back to your E-zine subscribe page as payment. It's a great way to get more subscribers.

Another way would be news releases to traditional print publications, or complimentary Internet websites. You can get good mention in a major article for a magazine specific to your product or industry. Try to get the article to mention your free E-zine. This can cause a big circulation jump, so try to get in the media.


You can also offer yourself up as a guest blogger. If you are credible many other bloggers would love to have someone else do a posting for them so they don’t have to write one that day. Plus, it’s good for some variety on their blog.

There are many places that will take free classified ads. You can also pay for ads in selected publications that make sense for your topic.

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