Friday, July 20, 2012

Public Speaker Marketing - Search Engine Directories

Here are some general tips to getting listed in directories:

•Make your site look as professional as possible before submitting to a directory. Remember . . . a real person will be looking at your site.

•Having an impressive looking logo that matches your company name appears to be important for new submissions.

•All parts of your site must be functional. No broken links or under construction signs are allowed; and make sure all images load correctly and quickly.

•For the English version of a directory your site must be in English.

•Your site must be available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

•Make sure your contact information is obvious on every page of your site, and phone numbers and email addresses are working.

•Take great care to search out and choose the appropriate category for your site. This is actually where you will click on “submit a site” and submit your site directly to that category (this is called “drilling down” through the directory). It is very difficult to get your site listed in more than one category, so make sure you pick wisely.

[NOTE: There is no guarantee that the directory will agree with your choice. They may put your site somewhere else.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even though directories don't really use META Tags, you should still make sure that all areas of your site are consistent with your suggested category. Causing an editor to wonder about the legitimacy of your site may just make them pass on accepting your site.]

[NOTE 2: A great trick to get in to DMOZ easier is to find a category that is close to the nature of your site, but that has less competition, i.e., there aren’t that many sites in the category. Change your site if you have to so that it perfectly fits the more “obscure” category. AND cross your fingers because it’s never a sure thing with DMOZ.

Also, don't try to change your site just to get in to Dmoz and then change it back so much afterward that you don't actually fit in the category anymore. If someone complains, you could get banned permanently.] •Don't use any “hype” in your site description. The editors of directories have heard it all and will delete your submission if they see any self-aggrandizement.

Example: You don't say, “Most dynamic speaker you'll ever have at your meeting.” Say, “Motivational speeches for the tourist industry” or something plain like that. The editors may still change your description after reviewing your site.

•If you have a regional or international product, most directories have regional and international versions. Submit to them.

•Don't attempt to use automated submission tools to submit to the best directories (it’s OK to use automated submission services for the many smaller directories out there but hardly worth the effort and in some cases it could hurt you.)

•Consider renaming your company to start with a word beginning with the letter “A.” To a certain extent, the directories are alphabetical so this will allow you to be listed more toward the top, which can mean much more exposure for your site.

•Don’t try to submit a one page sale letter site. The editor of the directory will never put you in the directory because you don’t appear substantial enough.

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