Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Public Speaker Marketing Tips - Television


Running infomercials and appearing as a guest on television shows can attract a wide range of customers to your online business. With traditional television appearances you will want to keep track of which audience members got to your website from which market. If you have just one website address for them to go to, it's impossible to tell which market was better than another. You can have separate landing pages for each market you are running your ad or infomercial on and keep track of how they convert into sales.

An ad running in Dallas, TX, will show the website and another ad running in Chicago will show the website

Using different landing pages, you can tell what visitors came from what ad and keep track of how each market converts into sales.

Internet Television

You can create your own Internet television show using your website to air regular episodes or take advantage of YouTube channels or live video feeds such as that will host a streaming feed of live webcam type presentations. An Internet television show can be shot in your home studio and distributed to other people's blogs and websites. In that regard, it is similar to a traditional show in that it is shot in a studio and sent out to stations to air each week.

The station makes its money when it charges ad rates for commercials aired during the show. An Internet TV show can link to a website where a product or service is sold and the blog owner presenting the show can make a commission. YouTube is full of popular channels with shows that come out on a regular basis such as weekly or even every few days.

There are talk shows, entertainment shows, business news, nature shows and thousands of other informational programming created by people in their home studios that would otherwise never have access to traditional television stations. This creates a huge opportunity to attract search engine traffic and build a following to your online business.

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