Monday, March 19, 2012

Public Speaking Seating Tips and Tricks

Seating Tips:

People prefer to sit by aisles. Avoid chairs next to walls. Audience members will feel trapped.

Aisles should get bigger as they get nearer the exits because they must accommodate more people.

Seat for least distraction and best focus on presentation. Turn off wall sconces behind the presentation. Set away from open windows, clocks, and entry doors.

Even after you have pre-set the seats perfectly, suggest to audience members, that they adjust their seating slightly for comfort.

Encourage seating in the front of the room by cordoning off back rows with masking tape, rope, or string, or placing reserved signs on back tables.

Avoid reserving seats through tipping chairs up against tables. The jutting legs tend to bruise shin bones and trip audience members.

Trick: Only put out 50-75 percent of the chairs for the expected number of participants and you will almost always have a packed house. Stack the rest of the chairs in the back corner of the room for easy access if needed.

Trick: When you have a choice, opt for a smaller room. This again gives you a better chance for a packed house.

More great seating tricks await....

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