Monday, February 20, 2012

Tom Antion's Stage Fright Strategies

Symptoms of Stage fright

Dry mouth.

Tight throat.

Sweaty hands.

Cold hands.

Shaky hands.

Give me a hand (Oops, I couldn't resist).


Fast pulse.

Shaky knees.

Trembling lips.

Any out-of-the-ordinary outward or inward feeling or manifestation of a
feeling occurring before, or during, the beginning of a presentation (Wow! What a dry mouthful!).

Here are some easy to implement strategies for reducing your stage fright. Not everyone reacts the same and there is no universal fix. Don't try to use all these fixes at once. Pick out items from this list and try them out until you find the right combination for you.

Visualization strategies that can be used anytime

Concentrate on how good you are.

Pretend you are just chatting with a group of friends.

Close your eyes and imagine the audience listening, laughing, and

Remember happy moments from your past.

Think about your love for and desire to help the audience.

Picture the audience in their underwear.

I'll pay YOU to read this book....

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