Friday, June 03, 2011

Public Speaking - Tips For Television and Video


* Wear knee-length socks.
* Always keep double breasted jackets buttoned. Single breasted jackets can be opened, but not too wide.
* I SAY AGAIN Wear Makeup. TV lights can penetrate several layers of skin. You can't possibly shave close enough to prevent whiskers from showing without makeup.
* Don't forget makeup on receding hairlines or bald heads.
* Trick: Run the thin part of your tie through the loop in the back of the main part of your tie then clip the thin part to your shirt below the loop. This will keep your tie perfectly centered without the tie clip showing.


* Don't wear vivid red lipstick or lip gloss. Stick to softer tones and dab lips with a little powder.
* Consider dress shields if you perspire easily.
* Make sure your hair will stay where you want it. You don't want to be fooling with it while on the air.
* Make sure a lavaliere or lapel microphone and transmitter can be attached to your clothing.

- Lillian Brown has written the best resource I know of on the topic of appearing on
television. It's called Your Public Best: The Complete Guide to Making Successful
Public Appearances in the Meeting Room, on the Platform and on TV (Newmarket
Press: New York 1989).

What other great tips can help your speaking career?

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