Monday, March 14, 2011

Public Speaking - International Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward Mexico/Canada

  • Do not call Mexicans by their first name until invited to do so.
  • Mexicans hold a handshake, squeeze of the arm, or a hug longer than people from the United States and Canada do.
  • Do not give a knife or a letter opener as a gift. This symbolizes the severing of friendship.
  • In Canada, do not take sides in debates about contentious national issues such as the place of English and French languages in Canadian society.
  • If going to Quebec, have business cards printed on one side in English and the other side in French.
  • Realize that Canadians get down to business quickly. Meetings are well organized and extraneous discussion is kept to a minimum.

    Put Your Best Foot Forward Europe

  • Humor is everpresent in English life. It is normally self-effacing, sarcastic, and sexist. (This doesn't mean that you, as an outsider, can joke about what they joke about.)
  • In France, never violate the French sense of privacy! Never ask personal questions such as income, address, job, etc.
  • In Germany, men rise when a woman enters the room, except at a business meeting.

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