Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Public Speaking Presentations - Multimedia

In the good old days (translates to last year), multimedia meant using several different media in the same presentation. You might be using overheads and slides on different screens or you might be using several slide projectors on the same screen with a tape recorder providing music or narration. Now the term multimedia carries a whole new meaning. In present day terms, multimedia means you are using a computer-controlled presentation that may include full color, sound, video, graphics, animation, and text.

Computer-based presentations can be great, although they are definitely risky, just like any other presentation that relies heavily on equipment. The risk is lowered if you are really good at
quick computer trouble-shooting and if you are the only one using the equipment. Keep in mind that computers can help you become a better presenter than you are now, but they will not make you a good presenter in the first place. In fact, they might just show up how bad you are if you rely on them too heavily.

My advice is to have a well thought out and rehearsed backup plan in case of a malfunction. I attended a trade show not too long ago where a major vendor of multimedia software was doing a demonstration. They had a malfunction and had no backup plan. The audience members were walking out and laughing at them. How embarrassing!

Don't let that happen to you. Computer software and hardware change very rapidly. To keep up with the latest multimedia innovations check the computer section of your local newsstand and/or visit one of the larger computer superstores.

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