Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Public Speaking: Sales Tips Part 1

Sales Tips Part 1

Don't forget to make your sales pitch. Some salespersons get so wrapped up
in telling jokes they forget to go for the business.

Use testimonials. They can be delivered live by happy clients who are willing
to help you or in writing or by video or audio tape. You could make a funny
video which includes bloopers.

Keep your ego out of the sale. Remember the sales profession is a
profession of rejection. In most cases, it is not you that is being rejected.

Develop and use impressive color visuals. According to a study by the
Wharton Business School, presenters who used them were more apt to win
favorable decisions.

Develop humor to support your points, products and services. Go for quality
humor and stories instead of quantity.

Develop ad-libs for equipment failure and other expected unexpected

Add some type of attention-gaining device every few minutes to keep your
clients alert.

Sales Tips Like These Will Help You Succeed In Being A Better Presenter. Learn More!

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