Thursday, June 03, 2010

Public Speaking: Use Short Videos to Increase Google Rankings

Did you know you can use your short public speaking videos to increase your Google rankings? When you know a few public speaking marketing tricks, loading your videos on YouTube Get can help you gain high search engine ratings.

Research other YouTube videos
Just as you did with your public speaking website, begin with researching keywords. Go to YouTube, type in any keywords you think may apply to you and see what comes up. Compare the results and identify the videos under your keywords that attract the most traffic. After you have located the high rankers, analyze them to determine what draws people to those videos. You can adapt the winning characteristics to your videos.

Remember, though long-tailed keywords are not the best rated, they do have less competition than the more popular keywords. When you are a beginner, they can be a good place to start to increase your ratings.

No Comments
When you upload your videos to YouTube, the site will ask you several questions. When it asks if people can comment on your video, say no. If you leave the comments option on, you will need to monitor the comments, so turn comments off.

Turn on Ratings
High ratings have an impact of search results so turn ratings on.

Advanced strategies
After you shoot a video, you can upload it multiple times with a few minor changes. Here’s how: change the file name on the video, make the opening slide a little longer and upload the video using a different set of key words. You can do this several times to target different audiences.

Make video responses
Find the highest-ranking videos you can find listed under your keywords and make a video response to it. This will tie you to the best videos already out on the web. The owner of the video does not have to accept your response. To entice the person to accept your video, use a webcam to shoot your response and don’t spend much time on it. A less polished video will appear to be more legitimate.

Put your YouTube user name in your tags.
Make up an obscure word and use it in your tags. YouTube will try to find other videos related to your by searching for that word. The only related videos that will show in the results will be your videos.

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