Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Public Speaking: Press This!

WordPress offers a neat bookmark called Press This. You can put it into your browser's bookmarks or favorites, which will let you quickly write a blog post about the website you're visiting. (This used to be called the bookmarklet.) You may have encountered this same feature as offered by Facebook,, and other social networking sites.

You just have to add Press This to your browser once, and then you can use it anytime. To add the Press This link to your browser in the WP Admin, go to the Tools menu. At the bottom of the Tools page is a Press This link. Just grab it with your mouse and drag it up to your browser's bookmark bar.

Now it's available to you. For example, if you're reading a newspaper website and you read an article you'd like to mention in a blog post, just click the Press This bookmark (or favorite). A window will pop up with the Edit Post page in it and the URL of the site you're looking at already written in as a link.

You can then write whatever additional text you want, add tags and categories, and then either save it as a draft or publish it right away.

Posting via email
If you want to add a post to your blog without having to open the WP Admin and log in, you can set up your WordPress installation to accept posts sent via email. First, you have to set up a special secret email address that is accessible via POP. WordPress will check that email address and turn any emails in it into posts.

So you have to be sure not to use this email address for any other purpose!

Once you have the email address set up at your mail server, go to your WP Admin and navigate to Settings Writing. Scroll down a bit to Post via e-mail.

Now just enter the server, login name, and password into the Writing Settings page and be sure to click on the Save Changes button.

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