Friday, May 21, 2010

Public Speaking: Make Your Website a Part of Your Daily Business Life

Just like your public speaking business, your website needs daily attention. In addition to uploading new information to keep your public speaking readers interested, there’s research to conduct, statistics to study and maintenance to do. As you are performing your day-to-day review of your site, try some of the concepts below to increase your rankings and draw repeat visitors.

* Upload short public speaking videos to YouTube.
Google gives videos high rankings so it makes sense to add them to your website. Create short videos and distribute them through YouTube and other free video hosting sites. Our rankings increased quickly when we did this. There’s a tool for uploading videos at

* Support your site with a blog.
Blog postings also get faster ratings in Google. It’s important to include your main keywords in the title of your blog. In addition, make sure your blog is hosted on a different hosting service than your website so you can link one to the other.

* Teach others how to link to you.
Put this statement on your home page, “Here’s how to link to us.” Have your webmaster write some anchor text to help other sites link to your. Include the entire code with your anchor text so they can give it to their webmaster. Give them about five different versions.

* Avoid trading links. They are now considered inferior and damage your website’s ranking.

* Do video infomercials.
See a sample at

* Use advertorials.
An advertorial is a sales letter that doesn’t look like a sales letter. Use stories in your advertorials to get people excited about your product before you ever let them know you are selling it. The advertorial allows you to present the benefits of your products before you show them the price.
Make your website a part of your business life each day and eventually you will get to a point where it will make money for you. If you are only visiting your site once a month, you will not get the results you want. Invest the time required to profit from the Internet.

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