Monday, May 10, 2010

Public Speaking: Lighting: Making Your Own Versus Buying a Kit

You have decided to produce some public speaking videos to promote your products and services. You have a video camera and a microphone, and you’ve drafted some bullet points to use as your speak. You have arranged the background and arranged an attractive set. What’s missing? Lighting. If you are going to make public speaking videos to sell, you need good lighting to create the mood and set the tone you want. Most importantly, you want lighting that will help your produce high-impact video footage with a professional quality that will sell your public speaking videos.

There are two approaches you can take. You can either make the lighting yourself or you can purchase a light kit. Though making your own lighting is less expensive, buying a light kit is easier and more convenient.

If you decide to make your own lighting, this is how to do it.
Go to a home improvement store and buy a construction work lamp that stands on the floor. Select one that you can angle at different positions. You will also need a large piece of white construction paper or white foam board. When your are ready to shoot your video, place the white paper or foam board in front of the light. Position the board in front of the work lamp and angle the board so that the light reflects onto the subject, creating a soft lighting effect. I have even strung a rope across the room and draped a shower curtain over it to diffuse the harsh light emitting from the construction work lamps. This was very low budget lighting but it worked well for the video we were shooting.

If you decide to purchase a light kit …
I prefer the light kits to the do-it-yourself lights because they come with everything you need. Light kits contain lamps, cords, reflectors, barn doors, stands and umbrellas. Some even come with a case. You can find very good light kits online at reasonable prices from professional photography and video supply stores such as B&H Photo. Compare prices before you buy. I have found that pricing for identical light kits vary greatly, depending on where you shop

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