Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Public Speaking: Draw More Traffic to Your Website with These Tips

Looking for ways to make your public speaking website more dynamic and attract repeat visitors? Adding simple tools such as calculators and quizzes can draw new people to your site. Public speakers who want to expand their skills will be attracted to e-courses. There are a number of things you can do to make your website more appealing and easier to use. Why not try the suggestions listed below?

Add a members’ area.
Adding a members’ area, either free or paid, will help build your database. Then, you can contact the people who register later to promote your products and public speaking events.

Add pictures of people and/or action photos.
Pictures of people interacting and having fun act like a magnet. If you are just beginning and need to attract meeting planners, upload your headshot, as well as some action shots of yourself speaking to an audience. Place both low resolution and high-resolution photos on your website so meeting planners will have access to the size they require for print and web publications.

Add quizzes.
Adding self-grading quizzes to your site add fun for the site visitors. Look online for quiz maker tools that allow you to create quizzes to promote your products and services.

Add calculators.
You can find free calculators online. You can also find computer coders online who can customize a calculator for your site.

Add credibility builders.
People are still afraid to buy online unless they are buying an established brand. Add some credibility builders to your website to overcome their fears and encourage them to buy your products. You can use written, audio or video testimonials. If you are a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can place the BBB symbol on your webpage. You can also display professional affiliations if your associations allow you to use them.

Add excitement during checkout.
Have you ever worked your way through an online purchase and then something made your change your mind? Whatever the reason, you abandoned the site when you reached the checkout. Take steps to prevent your customers from dropping their purchase at the last minute. Customize your checkout page so people get excited the product and complete their sale. Reinforce the benefits of using your public speaking product and reassure them that they are making a wise decision in buying the item. Good shopping carts such as will let you customize the checkout page.

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