Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Public Speaking: Applying the Six Critical Elements of Videos

As you look for ways to promote your public speaking business, videos are a critical component. If you’ve never created a video as part of your public speaking package, you probably have many questions. What elements should you include on your public speaking video? How can you get the best quality? Below are some very basic tips to help you begin.

What should I include on my video?
There are six critical elements of a video. They are:
1. The title
Put your most important keyword first in your title.

2. The description
Some sites allow long descriptions and some will only let you post a short description of your video. For this reason, you will need to write two descriptions. One should be less than 200 words and the other should be longer than 200 words. Be sure to include an incentive to draw visitors to your website.

3. Tags
There are two kinds of tags: comma-separated tags and space-separated tags. Use keywords other than the ones you use in your description.

4. Keywords
Use your keywords in your video and also mention your website to drive visitors there.

5. Opening and closing slides.
Make an opening scene and a closing scene with your website on it.

6. A watermark
A watermark is an image that displays at the bottom of the screen throughout your entire video.
Poor man’s watermarks:
– Wear a t-shirt with your watermark on it.
– Hang a banner with your watermark behind you.

Tips for obtaining good quality
* Sound quality
To get good audio, record at the highest quality and wear a microphone.

* Video quality
o Set your video camera to manual focus, not auto focus. To do this, go to manual focus, zoom in, adjust the focus and then zoom out and shoot the video.
o If you wear glasses, tip the temples of your glasses up to tilt the lenses forward. This will eliminate glare.
o Shoot your video in a silent room with no distracting sounds in the background.
o Avoid zooming while shooting.
o If your skin color looks good on the video camera, don’t worry about other colors.

* Lighting
o Avoid mixing natural lighting and video lighting.
o Plug video lights into long extension cords in various places around your house to prevent an overload on one cord, which could result in a darkened room as you are shooting your video.

Apply these basic principles to each video you produce and soon you’ll have high quality videos to draw visitors to your website.

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