Friday, April 16, 2010

Public Speaking: Make It Easy for the Learning to Continue

Public Speaking: Make It Easy for the Learning to Continue

When companies look for ways to cut expenses, training departments are often the first to go. This can open up opportunities for public speakers who have expertise in an area where employees need training.

When you decide to pursue a public speaking career in the continuing education and training field, there are several approaches you can take.

* You can promote yourself as a trainer and conduct your own training sessions.
* You can become a trainer for established training companies.
* You can approach large companies that don’t have an in-house training department and do the training for them.

Become an expert.
Even if you currently lack the skills you need to position yourself as a public speaking training expert, you can take steps to acquire the knowledge you need. Read every book and article you can find about your chosen subject and watch every video. In addition, take classes and study diligently to increase your skills and your level of expertise.

Develop educational materials to accompany your training presentations.
An important component of training is providing materials that allow your trainees to continue learning. Naturally, they will need workbooks, which you can develop and sell to the client as part of your package. Think in terms of you’re selling information. You are doing members of the organization a favor when you provide educational materials because you make it easy for the learning to continue after you leave.

In addition to workbooks, you can produce other educational products. Some public speakers even create tip sheets and laminate them. Additional products you can develop to support the training are books, CDs, DVDs, workbooks, video and audio tapes. Be aware that people may be more likely to listen to an audio tape than watch a video because they have to stop what they’re doing to watch a video. They can listen to an audio while they do other things.

Training products also help establish you as an expert and promote your marketing efforts. Your educational products can help you to make speaking deals you couldn’t have make without them. Continuing education products and programs that people must have can be very profitable.

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