Friday, April 30, 2010

Public Speaking: Send Your Client a Customized Flyer

The phone call comes in, you listen intently to the person on the other end of the line and you know you can deliver what the company needs. Within a few minutes after completing the call, you fax your customized public speaking marketing flyer to the client. The individual receives the flyer and is amazed that your public speaking program is exactly what the organization needs. You’re hired!

What went right in this scenario?
* You had a pre-printed shell ready to customize a public speaking flyer for the client.
* You listened closely for key words as the client talked about the current climate at the company and what needs to change. For example, if the meeting planner said morale was low and they needed to motivate employees and create enthusiasm, you would use the words “morale,” “motivate” and “enthusiasm” in your bullet points on the flyer.
* You sent the information to the potential client immediately after the phone conversation.
* She was impressed with your ability to fulfill the company’s needs, as well as your timeliness in providing additional information.

How to develop your shell.
A shell is simply a professionally pre-printed flyer with blank space for you to add specific bullet points. With pre-printed shells, you can quickly customize your public speaking marketing materials to target a qualified prospect. Here’s what to include on your shell:

* Printed on the shell:
o A very brief bio.
o Your photo.
o Your contact information at the bottom.
o Testimonials.
* A blank space for:
o A large topic at the top of the page. Remember, they are buying your topic. They don’t know your name unless you are a celebrity so make your topic big.
o Bullet points in the center of the page to tell what the members of the audience will learn.
o A paragraph describing the program.

Why have your photo on the flyer?
People like to deal with a real person and want to see what you look like, especially if you are a keynote speaker or selling training services. Your photo gives meeting planners a better feel that you actually exist and that you have a pleasant appearance. I think that’s important for a speaker.

How to use the shell.
While on the phone with your potential client, I listen carefully for key words and then customize the bullet points to what the company needs. Then I fax or mail the flyer to the customer. When they see that I offer exactly what they need, they often hire me.

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