Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Public Speaking: Getting Your Public Speaking Business Started

Breaking into any new field can be difficult. You want to do a lot of public speaking because you want to get some hands-on experience and improve. How can you find opportunities to speak, attract clients and make money when you first launch your public speaking career?

Cold calling
Some people resort to cold calling early in their search for clients. You can do this by actually walking into a business to learn what they do and then asking for a contact name. You would then call the person and ask for an appointment to discuss your public speaking programs. Another method of cold calling involves going through a list of potential clients, picking up the phone and asking questions about their requirements to see if your topic can fill a need for them. I no longer make cold calls because I hate them, though some people seem to have success with them.

Sometimes you can quit your job and contract your public speaking services back to the employer. Be sure to sign the contract before you quit the job, though.

Tell your friends
Tell everyone you know that you give public speaking programs so they can refer you to others. Offer a 10% commission to anyone who gives you leads.

Give no-fee talks
Don’t do speeches unless you get something back. Barter to get something in exchange for your presentation. They might give you a free cruise, free tickets to an event or concert tickets. It could be anything depending on the products and services they offer. You can also ask for a testimonial in exchange for a speech. Get something from them. If you do it for free, they’ll treat you shoddy.
The more they pay, the better they treat you.

Develop a 20-minute program
If you are a beginner, develop a 20-minute program you can deliver to groups like the Rotary. Give it to anyone who will listen. Give it over and over and polish it. Keep giving it and get better.

Join NSA
If you want to be a pro, you have to hang around pros. Join the National Speakers Association.

Make $5500 or more every time you speak!

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