Saturday, April 03, 2010

Public Speaking: Attract New Clients with a Blog

Is your public speaking blog working for your business? If not, maybe it’s time to conduct an evaluation to determine why it is not attracting new clients. You may want to revamp your blog by developing a new title or a unique tag line defining your public speaking focus. Below are some tips that can help you improve your public speaking blog.

Does your public speaking blog have a great blog name?
* Create a name that will tell the reader who the blog is for and its focus. Since search engines look for keywords to find your blog, use the keywords readers use when searching for products and services similar to yours.

* Connect the name of your blog with your company name. Quite often, you can name your blog the same as your website and add "blog" or "online" to the end of it. If your blog resides on your website, your blog will automatically have the same name as your website.

* Using your preferred domain registrar, confirm that the blog name is available as a domain URL.

* Map your registered blog name URL over the URL your blog provider created when you set up your blog. You don't want "typepad" or "blogspot" in your domain URL. You can find a free tutorial on how to map your domain online.

Does your blog have a tag line or blog purpose statement?
The tag line states the benefits for your targeted readers and your name. Address these three points in your blog tag line:
* Who are the blog readers?
Tell who you are targeting so readers will know if they share a common interest with other readers.

* What is the blog about?
Tell the readers what the blog is about and give them a glimpse of what’s in it for them.

* Who is the writer of blog?
Even if your photo is on your blog, include your name in the tag line underneath the title so readers know who is talking.

Create a marketing message.
Create a brief marketing message telling how people how they can hire you and why they would want to. Place it in a prominent place on your page and link to your About Us page.

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