Friday, February 19, 2010

Public Speaking: What Is A Great Speaker?

=> Most great speakers actually do or live what they talk about.
This translates into high credibility. They are not simply giving
book reports.

=> Great speakers have become well known enough in their circles
of expertise to carry even more credibility along with their
words. This is very valuable to the audience because it reduces
their resistance to the believability of the speaker's message
and allows them to focus on the message.

=> Great speakers know a tremendous amount about their audience.
They research the organization and in many cases interview
audience members. They choose their final comments carefully
based upon what they have learned from their research.

=> Great speakers think long and hard about developing visuals
that enhance their message instead of overshadowing it. They
don't allow their visuals to take over the show. These visuals
could be projected images, props, foam boards, costumes,
flip charts etc.

=> Great speakers when possible come early and stay late to best
connect with the audience members. Being aloof has some
advantages, but unless you are a celebrity already, being aloof
in most cases will slow your progress.

How can you be a "great" speaker? It's easier than you think...

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