Friday, February 05, 2010

Great Public Speaking Media Training

I make no outbound cold calls whatsoever. I can not even stand the thought of it. One of my main sources of bookings comes from stories placed by me or about me in the media and from radio and TV appearances. I can not really even say I am tremendously successaful at getting these placements, but here is what I am doing to get better and also how it makes me money.

A few lines in entrepreneur magzine has made me about $11,000.00 so far for two speeches. An article I wrote for SalesDoctor Electronic Magazine made me $5500.00 for a speech and almost made me over $40,000.00 on one deal. The client was considering buying a book for each of the 3200 people in the audience. My performances on radio networks all over the world gives me bragging rights forever.

These are just a few of the benefits I have received from media marketing. Here is how to get started. Write articles and submit them to electronic magazines, websites and print publications. Call or write magazines that you would like to be in and offer yourself as an expert on your topic. Journalists keep good files on experts because they know that having access to experts on various topics will make their article writing much easier. Do the same for your local TV stations who use experts on their news programs all the time. Buy a radio database and start doing radio talk shows. Get some media training so you are darn good when you get on the media.

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