Monday, September 21, 2009

Public Speaking: Microphone Tips

If you are speaking in any venue that is larger than an average
sized classroom or conference room, I strongly suggest using a
microphone to prevent vocal strain.
There are two types of
microphones you are likely to encounter. The first is a lavaliere
mic that clips to your lapel or collar. This type of microphone
usually has a battery pack, which you attach to your waistband,
allowing you to move about freely. When wearing a lavaliere,
speak conversationally with the same amount of volume and vocal
projection you would use to address a small group. The amplifier
will do the rest. Make sure you turn your mic off when you are
not on the platform to avoid sharing private comments with the
rest of the audience.

The second type of microphone is hand held or fixed to a stand or
podium. With this type of microphone, popping can be a problem.
Popping is caused when "plosives" like 'p','t', and 'd' are
spoken and the air from your mouth hits the mic. To prevent
popping, position the mic about a hands width away and slightly
below your mouth so that the air from your mouth does not hit the
microphone. Speaking above the mic will also help prevent nasal
noise. Keeping the mic about a hands width away from your mouth
will also help prevent a "boom-y" sound.

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