Friday, August 28, 2009

Public Speaking: How To Become An Infopreneur

The speaking business has changed in recent years. Just relying on speaking engagements is not enough. What if you became sick, injured or could no longer travel? How would you make money?

Creating information products is one of the most profitable things you can do for your business. Products such as CD's DVD's and ebooks are always in high demand and can be created very inexpensively even from your home office. You can supplement your speaking income greatly by including the manufacture and sale of these products. You are the expert. This is why you are a speaker. Sell your expertise on these types of products to increase your visibility and celebrity status. This gives you plenty to sell at the back of the room, too.

You have to step up your marketing plans in this tough economy. What if there is another attack like on 9/11? Would your business be able to withstand a further economic downturn? Creating an information product empire will help your business thrive. Learn what it takes to be a New Breed Of Speaker!

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